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Making Dreams Come True

Khadiza Akhtar (MILA) is Certified Wedding & Event Planner &  true wedding/Event alchemist. Hand her your ideas, and watch them transform into the golden moments and fine details that make your wedding unforgettable! Mila approaches every event with a fresh perspective, and makes it her mission to elevate your vision to new heights. Trust Mila and her team to flawlessly execute the plans, and worry about nothing more than having the time of your life celebrating your Wedding & Event.

Khadiza Akhtar (Mila)
Founder & Creative Director
Certified Wedding & Event Planner  (CWEP™ )

Turning a Vision into Reality

Yousuf is Lead Planner & Designer of My Color Events LLC.

Founder & Creative Director
Certified Wedding & Event Planner  (CWEP™)
Accredited Event Designer  (AED™)

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Creative Perfectionist Direct

Nurussaba Zaman (Saba)
Co-Creative Director
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